Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steve Weston's Mexican Peasant "4 X 4 guy"

This one is a useful figure as is, but if you get more than one, and you get two in a bag, some conversions are possible. I took the shovel and hat head from another figure from the set and removed the 4 x 4 lumber.

Another head looking another way plus and attempt at a sledge hammer...

  ..or a pick.

When you blow these figures up using a digital camera, flaws show up like the tools not really fitting in the hands. Better blending with knife, file, and sand paper will fix that.

I took the wounded figure and grafted the "4 X 4" figure's top half. The joint is hidden with a rope belt.

The top half of this figure had many uses for making individuals. I even see these figures as artillerymen.

Even a grafting of the "Machete Guy" with the "4 X 4" guy with TSSD spare rifle....

A piece of heavy thread makes a rope belt. Toy Soldiers of San Diego will sell you spare rifles and other weapons at a reasonable price.

"Maverick Collecting" pointed out that these figures could make base figures for Chinese Boxers from 1900.

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