Thursday, September 9, 2010

Only Three Guns here.

I can't see how the 4th gun emplacement fits in these photos of the Stage Rock fort from these photos from old stereoviews. Both shot at the same day. Note that the two ladies moved but the gent stayed put as did the vessels in the background. One is at anchor possibly drying the sails.

I have to give the ladies credit for climbing out there. It could be risky near the ocean.


  1. I think the forth must be out of shot bottom right, what you called Gun 4 in the previous post. The 1930 'mock-up' leaves 3 guns in line with loose earth banks, the earlier/period images show two guns angled at the point, and only two in line, all with some element of revetment or retaining walls. Tonight's shots would seem to be taken between the two other groups, time-wise, with a pile of detritus/collapsed bank/workings at the photographers feet roughly where the rear of the 4th gun should be? Any help?!!!

  2. Sorry, not the 1930 one, the modern colour one, it's just a mess!

    Look how far from the semi-circular steps in the annotated photo Gun 4 is in last nights/yesterdays post. Today's is taken far closer to the point so the 4th is out of shot...You were right first time!