Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Cantinieres of the Sapeurs Pompiers

Some period Illustrations of the Cantinieres. This one is a 1920s Wine Label showing a Cantiniere from the 1800s.

A period illustration..

Below, a set of cut out paper soldiers portraying the Pompiers.

An 1840s portrait of a Cantiniere...

The detail shows her keg with the Sapeur Pompier title.

A 54mm miniature of a cantiniere from the 1860s.  I found this on the "net" and don't know who owns it. The uniform style looks like a hussar (if the artist is correct) so there appears to be no set style of dress for the cantinieres of the Sapeurs Pompiers.

This title and position may still be used in France. The 1950s- 60s photos from the earlier post bear that out into "modern times." Today, women in fire departments are either administrative or full members rather than mascots.

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