Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Saucy Chambermaid

"Das eitle Stubenmädchen"

The Saucy Chambermaid

A three minute 1908 comedy. If you are offended by full female nudity, please don't go to the link. Interested history and clothing buffs can handle it. Be sure to hit the Blue "See the Film" button. Also certify that you are over 18!

Here's the summery..

"A pretty maidservant is absent-mindedly dusting with a feather duster. Suddenly intrigued by an antique sculpture with a perfect figure, she amuses herself by striking the same pose. With a little simper at first, then positively beaming, the maid strips right down to her birthday suit.
 (We see the drawers/chemise interface and her chemise tail sticking out behind. Scott)
When the master of the house suddenly appears on the scene, the pretty statue in the flesh does not leave him cold."

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