Friday, September 3, 2010

More Technology Attacks

To finish up the early 20th Century Technology Humor theme, here are some postcards and illustrations making light of automobile crashes. The cars are so small in the early 1900s and go so slow that only embarrassment results  according to the artists.

The one by Xavier Sager below involves an exploding engine and the tail of a woman's chemise showing..
(Look for more Xavier Sager postcards if you like World War One subjects, he was very prolific during that war.)

Georges Mouton also did gags on aircraft, bicycles, and street cars.

Below Mouton shows the chemise tail. As I wrote on an earlier entry, I think it was supposed to look "cute" like a lamb's tail. Emile Zola notes the visible chemise way back in the 1880s in Nana.

This one is from 1903 and hard to see but it's more car accidents.

In 1901, a crash might only involve a spill onto the sidewalk according to the artist.

I haven't seen any photographs of the subject from the time period. It was probably too expensive to set up. Later in the 1920s, cars were more of a prop for models to pose with which continues today.


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