Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas, the truth can now be told!

Christmas is a combination of pre-Christian myths about sun gods and the winter solstice, given a definite date by Christian Romans in 336 CE to December 25.  Modern Christmas is mainly an invention of several Victorians including Charles Dickens, Clement Moore, Queen Victoria (very Victorian), and Thomas Nast.
In that light, modern Christmas has inspired yet more "fan fiction" which can be seen on the Hallmark Channel and other U.S. cable networks which have added the watching of Christmas movies and specials to our "traditions." (Stay away from the Star Wars Wookie Life Day special) I won't go into all the songs from beautiful to silly to unintentionally horrible. Example Christmas Shoes, where God kills a poor child's mother so that a grumpy man learns the meaning of Christmas.
Here's my addition to holiday fan fiction starring a LEMAX figure, Toy Soldiers of San Diego figures, some old Imrie/ Risley metal figures and Safari Fairies.


  1. Entertaining stuff as always - but i'm not wholly convinced!

  2. Great as always. Say what software do you use to add the captions to your photos ?

  3. Brilliant work Scott. I always wondered how it REALLY happened!

  4. "A Collector" that is the standard "paintbrush"
    accessory with my PC. There are "voice" and "thought" comics balloon plus over writing with "text." All can be sized to fit with a little practice.