Monday, January 16, 2012

Cannon Project

I'm making six Napoleons for my Toy Soldiers of San Diego artillerymen. I'm using Americana Souvenirs & Gifts cannons. Now these will be "toys" but nicer looking toys (I hope) than the slightly larger Penn Craft cannon.
Remove the plastic wheel hubs with pliers...

CAREFULLY tap out the barrel trunnion metal rod

Count all your piece and put the wheel hubs in a cup....

 Spray with a dark green that looks close to the Union artillery paint. Do this in warmer room than my basement with GOOD ventilation. Kids, ask your parents...and STAY IN SCHOOL.

MORE to Come......


  1. looking good ..and good on you for giving the warning about the spray..all too often left out of "how to´s"

  2. These are great only if they made a Field Forge and Battery Wagon!!!