Monday, May 2, 2011

Steampunk Soldiers made from Armies In Plastic Germans

I had way too many German WW I machine gunners for the number of infantry I have. There was a "look" about them so I swapped the helmets for caps and added a piece of wire and some stick-on gem stone shapes from the art supply store.

Because they are plastic and the simple style that looks like old hollow cast Britains LTD, I gave then a simple paint job. Black uniforms of course.

Ray guns?  Rapid fire pneumatic weapons? Electro-Magnetic pulse rifles?


  1. Nice. I have been looking for some ideas for henchmen for the Evil Villain in our Tales of Daring-Do games - these would fit nicely!

  2. Thank you. Next might be AIP figures as Capt. Nemo's crew and a band of heroes led by John Carter or Lieutenant Gulliver Jones. I have an earlier post of AIP Boers as Professor Challenger and Alan Quatermain.