Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grant's Headquarters with MARX figures. II

I've found repro MARX tents in gray and tan and I use the gray ones for Union tents. (Gray on Gray would be too much for Confederate use. MARX's Western Cavalry men seen below with litter carriers are off duty soldiers in the company street.

A Field Hospital. The Ambulances are from Classic Toy Soldiers and fit the old MARX style.

 Some repro MARX artillerymen were "short shots" from the mold and have poor ramrods. I trimmed these to make water carriers. The Hobby Bunker in Malden, Mass. has repros of the MARX colonial woman with buckets in light blue that make pretty good nurses. A miner makes a good civilian worker.

Classic Toy Soldiers cannon are sturdy models and relatively inexpensive. Here I have an artillery park. I don't have the table space for the full 6 horse teams, limbers, and caissons that Classic Toy Soldiers makes but they're nice models.

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