Saturday, January 22, 2011

MARX Civil War figures LEE'S HQ

If you are going to play...PLAY. Grown-ups can get as many figures as they can afford. Here's a set up of General Robert E. Lee's HQ somewhere just outside of Richmond. President Jefferson Davis was known to ride to the sound of the guns in the battles around Richmond and confers with the General.

These are mostly reproduction MARX figures from various sources. Classic Toy Soldiers makes some nice Marx style artillery, Wagons and a bigger version of the Southern Mansion from the old series.

A figure from the MARX farm can be added along with Pat Brady from the Roy Rogers set.

You can add the slave girl from The Ben Hur set and the Colonial woman.

Here's the Quarter master.

The hospital is made up of the various wounded figures, stretcher bearers, and dead gangsters from The Untouchables set.

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